Weed cultivators?

To date, he has more than 5,000 articles published online under his signature on topics such as cannabis, local and national news, politics, automotive news, sports, pop culture and even a cult. Our facilities have been home to family businesses for three generations. From auto parts to sushi and now medical cannabis. We pride ourselves on our passion for high quality, science and design to create an exceptional medical cannabis experience.

Cannabis and hemp cultivation has existed for decades. In fact, the first known production of hemp dates back to 2000 BC. Some even believe that hemp may have been the first agricultural crop in our world. Carl Sagan once proposed: “It would be ironically interesting if in human history the cultivation of marijuana generally led to the invention of agriculture, and therefore civilization.

Cannabis, therefore, may have played an important role in our society from the start. As the cannabis industry evolves toward something akin to maturity, it's time to dispel the myth that cannabis “grows like a weed.