Are cannabis plants male or female?

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning that each plant is characterized by having “male” or “female” reproductive organs. A normal marijuana seed is 50% male and 50% female, so it can be a game of chance for growers who are trying to secure a plant that produces buds. In addition to the clear floral differences, there are some (potential) trending characteristics between male and female cannabis plants. In many cases, male cannabis plants tend to be more ganglionic.

They can be tall, narrow, have fewer fan leaves and a longer space between branches, also known as greater internodal space. On the other hand, female cannabis plants tend to be more compact and bushy than male ones. The propagation, characterization and optimization of Cannabis Sativa L. Did you know that there are male and female marijuana plants? Yes, marijuana plants show gender and sex is very important to the grower.

When you're looking to know what sex a cannabis plant is, you have to look at where the branches of the stem grow. If your plant is male, it will have round balls in the knots. If your plant is female, it will have small clusters of flowers with long “hairs” that stick out. These differences will become evident around 4 weeks of plant growth, they are called pre-flowers.

When a cannabis plant begins to enter the flowering stage, growers should pay special attention to the area between the plant's nodes, where the leaves and branches extend from the stem. Gender identification tests are now available on InfiniteCal to help cannabis and hemp growers take the guesswork out of their cultivation. Male cannabis plants are only desirable if someone wants to breed cannabis and save seeds (which is another topic for another day).