For decades, growers around the world have struggled to produce marijuana strains with the highest THC content possible, and most are following this trend. A high THC level means stronger and longer-lasting psychoactive effects. Now, however, we know of the existence of other types of cannabinoids, beyond THC, such as Cannabidiol (CBD). For now, we know that this is one of the most therapeutic compounds in marijuana and it has overwhelming therapeutic potential. This is why more and more cannabis users are not interested in the most powerful strains, to set their sights on cannabis strains with little THC or cannabis strains rich in CBD.. In today’s article we are going to show you some of them, if you are thinking of giving yourself a break from THC or just want to experiment with other cannabinoids. Here we go!

Low-THC marijuana strains

florida medical marijuana low thc

One of the biggest drawbacks to THC is what is known as the biphasic effect. This means that it is better to consume it in moderate amounts, otherwise it could lose its positive effect. Therefore, as the wise man said, in balance is virtue. A balance between strains of marijuana with little THC and rich in CBD can make us enjoy more of the effects produced by marijuana, in addition to increasing the effectiveness of cannabinoids in our body, thanks to the endocannabinoid system. There are many strains with less than 1% THC, which is a really low percentage, considering that most strains have an average THC of 20%.

One of the main advantages of marijuana with less THC compared to more potent marijuana is that you enjoy its physical properties, without feeling drugged. This favors you to carry out daily or work tasks without major problem. Many go for Sativa marijuana, which guarantees an energetic high, to increase creativity and have energy to work. However, sometimes the doses of psychoactivity can be very high and although their effects last less, they are not always advisable for all kinds of tasks. From here we assure you with marijuana with less THC and rich in CBD you can tackle any task without feeling placed. Without further detours, we begin with the selection.

Sweet Pure CBD

We started with a Sweet Seeds novelty from last year, which only contains 1.4% THC. The Sweet Pure CBD is a variety with great therapeutic potential of the seed bank Sweet Seeds. Surf from the cross of a copy of the Diesel family and is classified as pure CBD, as it contains a THC: CBD ratio of 1:15 and 1:20. Its effects are soft and pleasant, deeply physical and without a drop of psychoactivity. It is a hybrid plant, with Sativa predominance (60%), despite this, it has a fairly fast flowering time of just 9 weeks. Its concentration of cannabidiol is quite high, claiming to contain up to 15% CBD., a fairly high figure. It is an easy plant to grow, perfect for anyone who wants to start in the world of CBD cultivation. Its production is very good for a Sativa-dominant plant, with levels that are usually between 500 grams per square meter indoors and 600 grams per plant outdoors.

You also have the automatic version of this cannabis strain with little THC, the  Sweet Pure Auto CBD.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel

We continue with one of the most therapeutic Dutch Passion strains, CBD Charlotte’s Angel. It is another strain with less than 1% THC and 16% CBD, which allows us to enjoy all the physical benefits of Cannabis, covering the psychoactive sensation. Charlotte’s Angel arises from the genetic combination of a Dutch Charlotte with a Red Angel, two varieties with high doses of cannabidiol. It is a Sativa medicinal variety with very mild effects, perfect for reducing THC in the body and once again enjoying the psychoactive effects of marijuana. The good thing is that we do not lose in flavor and aroma, since this strain has a delicious herbal flavor, which has nothing to envy to the strains with a lot of THC. You can also taste Diesel aromas during consumption. If you plan to make medicinal extracts from your marijuana, these seeds will give rise to the plants you are looking for. Due to its Sativa genes, Charlotte’s Angel has a flowering time that can last up to 12 weeks. That is why you must be farsighted in your indoor cultivation in order to correct its growth.

Also enjoy the automatic version of the Auto CBD Charotte’s Angel, with all the potential of the automatic ones, which flourish on their own. Enjoy the Time Lapse that Dutch Passion offers us.

Dinamed CBD

The DINAMED CBD is one of the best varieties of marijuana with THC little Dinafem Seeds. It is another of the best options if we are looking for marijuana without psychoactive effects, since it has only 0.5 THC and 14% CBD. This strain has very genuine origins, as Dinamed CBD comes from one of the first CBD-rich strains, the Dancehall from Ripper Seeds. Within the range of non-psychoactive marijuana, this variety stands out for its good production results. In this way, it can produce up to 500 grams per square meter, while outdoors it can produce a whopping 1 kilo per plant. It is a plant with vigorous growth and branched structure, despite this it has a medium size. It is an ideal variety if you are looking for marijuana with a citrus flavor. Especially if you like fresh and tangerine aromas. It is a short flowering strain, lasting up to 60 days indoors or one week before the end of summer.

As with the rest of the varieties that we have seen, Dinamed CBD is also available as Dinamed Auto CBD, for those looking for the automatic version. Learn more about this marijuana strain with less THC in this video.


But sometimes we look for marijuana that just doesn’t have as much THC, so we don’t get too hung up and still feel certain brain effects. In this case, OG Kush CBD is one of the best options. Dinafem has done an impeccable job of obtaining a copy of the legendary OG Kush (a strain that reaches up to 25% THC) and enriching it with CBD while lowering THC to 10%. The result is a plant with a 1: 1 ratio of THC: CBD (10% CBD, 10 & Sativa), Sativa-dominant and with a multitude of therapeutic effects. Such go through relieving anxiety, muscle tension or appetite stimulation, since CBD is not hungry either. This makes it one of the best strains of marijuana with little THC, very suitable for those who do not want to feel excessively drugged.