It is nothing new for any stoner that the price of marijuana rose during the quarantine caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In addition to having faced one of the greatest droughts of recent times during the summer months, when grass was lacking from North to South of the country, users began to face another problem: social isolation and also the closing of borders due to covid-19, which made the herb rarer and also more expensive throughout the territory.

Who did not see the price increase and did not run out of marijuana was the one who already grows the herb itself, because practically all states and cities consumers reported difficulties. Either there was no Cannabis on the toecap or the quality was terrible. And the price of marijuana has always skyrocketed as the scarcity has become greater. The traditional drought coupled with the risks of “running”, since there is a virus circulating in the air, made the value soar even more.

But let’s face it, the situation around here everyone already knows and it still seems to be far from normalizing, at least on the economic side as the value remains high. It turns out that the price of marijuana has gone up all over the world and there are reports from different countries complaining about the price of the herb during this quarantine, which has caused more and more people to start cultivating.

300% increase in the price of marijuana in Argentina

Before we talk specifically about USA, it is good to remember that this is really being a global trend and it is not necessary to go far to find countries with the high price of marijuana. This is the case in Argentina, where herman users report a 300% increase in the value of Cannabis grass, which went from U $ 450 pesos to 1,500 pesos per g of flower. One of the main reasons, and which has also been recorded in other countries, is the increase in consumption since in Argentina the quarantine was strict and strictly followed by everyone, with the country having few cases and few deaths from coronavirus.

Even so, with people more at home, demand has increased and so has the price of marijuana. According to research by the Observatory of Addictions and Problem Consumption in Buenos Aires, since the beginning of the quarantine the consumption of psychoactive substances has increased 21%, although it does not specify the figures for Cananbis.

In USA the price of poor quality marijuana almost doubled

Here in USA it was not very different from Argentina, except that here it is not only the flowers that had the high price, but mainly the Paraguayan pressed that when it is not lacking, is sold at twice the price or even more, being the opposite of the price, the quality dropped a lot. What was seen was the appearance of “fumes” that were even buried and that started to be sold for around R $ 6 reais a gram or even more in some places.

There were those who reported having paid R $ 10 reais per gram of pressed purple flower, that dark marijuana that you can’t even call Cannabis. Those who did not want to risk their health in this type of marijuana of very bad quality also had to pay dearly to enjoy flowers or even the famous “Colombinha” that came to be sold for R $ 30 reais, while the normal price is R $ 15.

The flowers of good genetics are not even mentioned. Anyone who can find someone willing to trade them ends up having to prepare their pockets, all due to different factors, but mainly due to the quarantine of the new coronavirus that changed everyone’s routine, including trafficking. No wonder, those who are at home are trying to take advantage of this period to start cultivating and never have to pay so much to smoke marijuana.

Reasons that led to the increase

  • The traditional dry season (summer).
  • Border closures due to the coronavirus.
  • Decreased traffic on the roads due to isolation measures, which made transportation more risky.
  • Increased demand with more and more people at home.
  • Risks increased with a virus circulating in the air, which ends up raising costs in general.
  • Seizures at the borders.
  • Prohibitions on non-essential activities.

Planting marijuana is a solution to escape the high price and drought

Anyone who does not want to stay dry during coronavirus or other summers or pandemics, or is already tired of paying dearly for smoking marijuana should do like other people and take advantage of this period to start planting marijuana. Learning how to grow Cannabis itself is the best and most economical way to make use of a really medicinal herb that is very different from the pressed one and also without taking the risks of trafficking or of the new coronavirus doing “runs”.

Both the increase in the price of marijuana and the scarcity have caused more and more USAians to use the quarantine to put their hands on the land and begin cultivating it, be it indoor, outdoor, for medical or recreational use. In addition to getting rid of these problems, cultivation becomes a pleasurable hobby in this period of self-knowledge and can also insert the individual into a true community of growers.