It is evident that marijuana has broken down socio-cultural barriers in recent years. The herb has been present in pop culture, mainly in music and cinema, since before the 60s. But it seems that the issues surrounding it have conquered more and more space, and in different segments. Proof of this is the recent explosion of marijuana series and movies on Netflix, the world’s leading streaming platform.

There are options for all tastes, involving various sub-themes: cuisine, economics, comedy, history, medicinal, among others. Not to mention classics from cannabic cinema, such as “Cheech & Chong Atacam Again” (1980), “Youths, Fools and Rebels” (1993) and “Pra Lá de Bagdá” (1998).

Other good titles available on the platform are documentaries like “Medical Marijuana: Cure or Crime?” (2018), “Rolling Papers” (2015) and “The Legend of 420” (2017). Those who enjoy a good bullshit can get involved in the animated version of the popular comedy series “Trailer Park Boys”, which has just been released this year.

“Receita da Boa” (series, 2020)

When the conversation is marijuana, one of the hot topics on Netflix is ​​gastronomy – which shows that the Cannabis Cooking Course painted at exactly the right time. The most recent series on the subject is a reality show, “Master Chef” style, called “Cozinha da Boa”. With six episodes, the program proposes a competition in which presenters and guests must be won with dishes based on a lot of THC and CBD.

“Based on Race Facts” (film, 2019)

Produced by American rapper Fab5 Freddy, the documentary – which premiered on April 20 this year (the “4/20 day”) – traces an important reflection on the relationship between racism and the history of marijuana in the United States. Through historical clippings and interviews, racial motivations are established both in terms of prohibition and with regard to the recent acceptance of the herb in the country. To talk about it, names like Snoop Dogg, B-Real (Cypress Hill) and Damian Marley are heard.

“Flagrantes de Familia” (series, 2019)

The French series tells the story of a family that, in financial trouble, decides to transform the family business, a butcher shop, into a more profitable enterprise. Of course: the idea that arises is that of a professional cultivation of marijuana, since France is about to legalize the weed trade and the prospects of financial gain are high. But the road will not be that easy! A light, comical series and full of good ideas.

“Cooking at 4:20” (series, 2018)

Also on the “Master Chef” footprint, this reality show features 12 episodes starring chefs who have 30 minutes to create their recipes with marijuana. The program is hosted by youtuber Josh Leyva and cannabis activist Ngaio Bealum. There are 24 participants, who fight for the coveted “Pot of Gold”, a pun on the word “pot”, which in English is slang for marijuana.

“Disjointed” (2018)

Original Netflix comedy series, created by David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre (“Two and a Half Men”, “The Big Bang Theory”), is starred by actress Kathy Bates. It tells the story of activist Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who, after many years of fighting for the legalization of marijuana, manages to open her own store. The character hires a team of “budtenders” to help her in the business, among them her son, Travis, a young, grimacing young man. The series is fun, but it didn’t work: still in 2018 Netflix announced its cancellation after a single season.