Christmas is already here. Who else or who is already thinking what to give to loved ones. For this reason we have made a selection of 10 gifts that you can make to your friends or family. There are gifts for all tastes and we are sure that you choose what you choose you will be right.

Marijuana gin

CannaGin is a premium gin and macerated with more than 20 ingredients, among which cannabis stands out, which gives it a pleasant and fresh taste on the palate. This is the perfect gift to share with your friends.

Electric grinder with pollinator

For many stoners it is the perfect gift. This electric grinder with pollinator allows you to chop marijuana quickly, easily, efficiently and very comfortably.

It also incorporates a pollinator with which you can collect pollen to be able to enjoy it later.

Smoking bongs

A classic. What marijuana lover wouldn’t want a bong? It is available in many designs. From the pipe bong mask  to the silicone and glass bong that is super resistant and very easy to clean.

Whichever you choose, you will not fail.

Smoking pipes

A pipe is a gift that never fails. You have them of design like the Amazed pipes that incorporate an internal labyrinth to cool the smoke. And then originals, like the spring pipe that you can fold and store anywhere.

Gamer ring holder

The perfect gift for any stoner gamer. With this gamer ring you hold joints sure you are right.

No more having to release the control of the game console to be able to take the joint.

Extendable cigarette holder

No more having to always be looking for the lighter. With this simple extensible cigarette holder you will take your lighter, use it and release it, returning it to the hook of the lighter.

A very practical gift.

RAW tray

raw rolling tray

This RAW tray is ideal for not dirtying anything when you roll your cigarettes, it also allows you to have everything collected and is a real blast!

Pocket RAW ashtray

Ideal for smokers who are environmentally friendly. This RAW pocket ashtray will allow you to store your butts preventing odors from leaving it.

S3 smoker case

The S3 Smoker Case allows you to neatly store all your smoking accessories. It incorporates several pockets and compartments to store your tobacco, lighter, mouthpieces and your favorite portable vaporizer.

This is our selection of gifts for this Christmas. We hope we have been able to help you choose those gifts that you will give with all the love of the world to your loved ones. We hope you like the gift and if not, what counts is the intention, right?