It is known to all that marijuana is normally consumed by inhalation (vaporization combustion), but it is becoming fashionable to consume it at meals an option that is becoming more widespread.

The consumption of marijuana through food can be done for both recreational and therapeutic use, with great advantages, since its oral consumption does not harm the respiratory system, compared to combustion and the duration of its effect is much more lasting it can last several hours, so that the frequency of its use is reduced.

Cooking with cannabis has undergone a rapid evolution over the years, since some fans of the plant began to add marijuana to butter to make cookies.

Effects of cannabis food

First of all, we have to know how marijuana food interacts in our body. Although the effects obtained when ingested are quite similar to those obtained when smoked or vaporized, the time of the effect and its duration will be different. When consumed smoked or vaporized, all THC is absorbed and cannabinoids are absorbed through the lungs. The components of cannabis pass directly into the bloodstream so that its users will perceive its effects in just 10 minutes.

On the other hand, when consuming it through food, the body will have to digest what it has eaten or drunk, passing through the stomach and intestine before reaching the liver. After all this process THC will reach the blood stream. This means that the effects can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to appear.

This can make some consumers who do not know these details eat or drink more than indicated, thinking that the food will not work or that they have not eaten enough. Therefore, you have to have some calm and wait for the effects to appear, if you do not want to have an unpleasant experience.

In addition, it must also be taken into account that the effects will have a longer duration over time. When consuming smoked or vaporized marijuana these can be perceived for about three hours, while when consumed ingested, they can be noticed between 8 to 10 hours.

Therefore, special care must be taken with the amounts used for recipes because when marijuana is ingested all its properties are used while smoking only 40%.

To continue we are going to present you some basic recipes that will serve us to prepare delicious meals that will transport you towards a unique experience.

Of course, our advice is that you do not take more than one dose or portion of the food prepared with cannabis, since we can find ourselves with an unwanted effect.

The moment of the effect and its duration will be different.

Some basic recipes

Herb butter 


  • Half a liter of water.
  • For every 50 grams of butter, 5 to 10 grams of hemp.
  • Elaboration

Boil the herb in a pot with half a liter of water over a low heat for 20 minutes, in this way we will remove the chlorophyll and impurities.

Melt the butter in a bain-marie, simmer and add the hemp that we have previously boiled, finely chopped. Stir slowly until the trichomes dissolve and our butter has turned green.

When the marijuana has released its THC, filter the melted butter through a very fine strainer into an airtight container.

Let cool to room temperature and then store in the refrigerator for 24 hours. During this time you will have to check that it is cooling and solidifying.

Hash butter


  • 3 to 5 grams of hashish for every 50 grams of butter.
  • Elaboration

Hash butter is made more quickly than marijuana butter.

Heat the butter in a bain-marie and when it is melted add the well-powdered hashish.

Stir, without stopping, over low heat for 20-30 minutes until completely dissolved. The lower the temperature, the better the final flavor we will obtain. It is recommended not to cook at more than 180ºC, as THC could be lost.

Put the hash butter in a jar and let cool first at room temperature and then for 24 hours in the fridge.

Green Honey 


  • 500 gr. of honey.
  • 50 gr. of butter.
  • 10 gr. hemp or hashish.
  • Elaboration

Melt the butter in a saucepan, in a bain-marie, and add the chopped hemp, which is cooked as explained above.

Simmer a few minutes until it is greenish in color. Here it is necessary to filter with a very fine strainer, if marijuana has been used, if hashish has been used it is not necessary to filter.

Add the honey to the butter and simmer in a saucepan, stirring non-stop for 2 minutes.

Let cool and put in a glass jar.

Keep in the fridge for preservation.

Green marijuana honey can be used for any beverage or candy recipe. A dose of one sweet tablespoon per person is recommended.