three strains of weed

Cannabis strains among the most potent

List of some of the most potent cannabis strains that exist with the highest THC content. Everyone can benefit from cannabis, even the one that “goes to the head”. Cannabis with a high THC content can be described as “overwhelming” and gives a high feeling of well-being and euphoria. In a state of euphoria, you […]

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THc growing at home

Is growing marijuana for personal use a crime?

In this article we will answer a question that many ask themselves; Growing marijuana for personal use is a crime or not. The question; to grow cannabis for personal use, is it a crime or not? It is a long-standing issue on which there is a lot of confusion even in public opinion due to […]

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strain close up

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): a darling marijuana strain

One of the most famous and well-known marijuana strain today, despite being relatively young, is Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Easily found in legal cannabis markets, both in North America and Europe, Girl Scout Cookies has won several Cannabis Cups and has become a popular marijuana genetics in hip-hop culture.  GSC is known as a digestive […]

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marijuana leaves turning yellow with brown spots

Marijuana with yellow leaves

When you grow, sooner or later you run into trouble. As a friend says: “He who cooks and kneads, everything happens to him.” Any activity with a certain complexity involves “problems” that, over time, you realize were not really problems, but part of learning. One of the main problems that every grower has encountered once […]

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how to cut marijuana

When to cut marijuana?

One of the questions that you ask us the most when the harvest time is approaching is when to cut the marijuana. It is logical if we think that it is the culminating moment of a lot of efforts, and although many of us enjoy the cultivation process, the objective for which we sow is […]

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Cannabis growing in pots

Do you grow cannabis in pots? Potting is a popular option in cannabis as well as horticulture in general, both indoors and outdoors. In cities, where it is difficult to have a piece of land, pots are often the only option; although they are also a very popular alternative among growers who have an orchard […]

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