How to make marijuana oil?

If you don’t like butter or are dairy intolerant, the solution is to infuse oil with Cannabis or Marijuana. The most popular oils include Olive and Coconut. Cannabis extracts and oils offer many benefits that you would not find when smoking the plant. From exact doses to use, to unique and different flavors, concentrating the […]

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CAN Sativa Shrimp

How to cook marijuana

If you are wondering how to cook marijuana you should know that you have reached the correct article, but apart from that we will give you the key recipe that you can implement in all kinds of recipes or complement with other foods. Keep reading to prepare the best cooked marijuana of your life. What […]

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cannabis dinner receipt

Cooking with Cannabis

It is known to all that marijuana is normally consumed by inhalation (vaporization combustion), but it is becoming fashionable to consume it at meals an option that is becoming more widespread. The consumption of marijuana through food can be done for both recreational and therapeutic use, with great advantages, since its oral consumption does not […]

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marijuana cookies recipes

Marijuana Cookies

One of the most classic recipes with marijuana is that of marijuana cookies, thanks to the fact that in order to make it, it is not necessary to have great culinary knowledge, simply 6 ingredients are required, which surely we already have at home, and a little marijuana. As for kitchen utensils, the same thing […]

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how to cook with marijuana

How to cook with marijuana: the essential guide

Basic cooking guidelines with marijuana Year after year the prestige of cannabis gastronomy grows. In addition to the fact that there is an infinite repertoire of recipes, it is a way of consuming marijuana without smoking, something highly appreciated by medicinal consumers and by people who consume but like to stay within healthy habits, since […]

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